Zen, Singing and Acting (w. Margreet Honig)

Zen, Singing and Acting 2022 is planned July 2 – 9
(The Saturdays are traveling days, the course starts on Sunday and ends on Friday). This summer course takes place in France, at L’Huy Preau.
The teachers are Margreet Honig, (singing) Marc Brookhuis (zen) en Elsina Jansen (acting). Daan Boertien is our pianist.
This course is intended for young classical singers, students (from B2) or young professionals.
If you want to apply, please send us your c.v. and two audio links or mp-3 files.
The course fee is €575 (for Dutch participants ex BTW) + accomodation at Preau (food, room/tent etc.). The estimated total is about €1000. Take a look at www.preau.nl for the accommodation options and costs.
You can send your application before April 1st 2022 to:
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In this workshop Zen, Singing and Acting are treated as three equals. Where zen invites the participants to go on an inside journey, singing and acting are the expressive elements. In the strict rituals of the Japanese zen, the focus is meditation. At the same time, zen encourages you to show your own true color. Can you show your solution in situations that you encounter in life?

In singing you will find the same. Singers have to perform within the straitjacket of vocal technique. You also have to find solutions for that “one moment of performance”: think f.e. of an audition or a concert. Perfectionism, high expectations and a negative self-image are common for singers.

Acting is the opposing color in this workshop and puts things into perspective. Like Zen masters putting their sandals on their head or sticking out their tongues to the students, Acting – improvisation and humor – can help dealing with the pressure and prove a necessary balance. In this part of the workshop we will focus on physical awareness, improvisation and we also will work on staging and practice with auditioning.

Teachers: Marc Brookhuis, Margreet Honig and Elsina Jansen. Marc Brookhuis is responsible for the zen (group sessions) in the mornings. Elsina Jansen teaches acting (group sessions) in the afternoons and Margreet Honig is the voice teacher (individual sessions).


This summer course is organized by the Margreet Honig Foundation


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02 - 09 jul 2022


20:00 - 11:00



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